Listen to the Prologue episode to learn more about the show.

About The Format

Let’s Make A Mixtape is a show for music-enthusiasts, hosted by a music-enthusiast who talks to other music-enthusiasts. The show operates in seasons with each season focused around a prompt.

Each episode features a conversation with guest about their song selection. By the end of a season, there will be a collection of songs that make up a mixtape (or playlist, if you prefer) and listeners can follow along as songs are added to the playlist throughout the season.

About The Host

Ryan Sweeney has loved music nearly his entire life so it was only natural that he would work at his college radio station. He started as a DJ at WSOE and worked his way up to General Manager by senior year, working throughout his tenure to establish a focus on the rich local music scene in North Carolina.

Years later he started Global Garage, a show on Hillsborough, North Carolina’s community station WHUP, with some friends and former WSOE DJs. On Global Garage, Ryan & Co. put together playlists focused on rock-tangential music sourced from around the world. During the pandemic, Ryan started inviting musicians, bands, and other music-enthusiasts on the show to virtually guest-host and curate playlists. It was from this format that the idea for Let’s Make A Mixtape was born.

Ryan is also the bassist in the sludge metal band Doomsday Profit.